Journal papers by theme

Numerical analysis

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Applications in scientific computing

Plasma edge simulation in nuclear fusion (2016-…)

  1. N. Horsten, G. Samaey, and M. Baelmans, Development and assessment of 2D fluid neutral models that include atomic databases and a microscopic reflection model, Nuclear Fusion, 2017. In press.
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Coarse-grained molecular dynamics for polymer networks (2015-…)

  1. J. Krajniak, S. Pandiyan, Z. Zhang, E. Nies, and G.Samaey, Molecular dynamics simulations of polymerization with forward and backward reactions, 2017. Submitted.
  2. J. Krajniak, Z. Zhang, S. Pandiyan, E. Nies, and G.Samaey, Reverse mapping method for complex polymer systems, Journal of Computational Chemistry, 2017. In press.
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Plant tissue deformation (2009-2011)

  1. P. Van Liedekerke, P. Ghysels, E. Tijskens, G. Samaey, D. Roose and H. Ramon, Mechanisms of soft cellular tissue bruising: a particle based simulation approach, Soft Matter 7:3580-3591, 2011.
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Microstructural evolution in metal deformation (2009-2013)

  1. J. Gawad, A. Van Bael, Ph. Eyckens, G. Samaey, P. Van Houtte, D. Roose, Hierarchical multiscale modeling of texture induced plastic anisotropy in sheet forming, Computational Materials Science 66:65-83, 2013.
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Other applications (2007-…)

  1. L. Reyserhove, V. Coppé, W. Van Colen, K. Muylaert, G. Samaey and E. Decaestecker, A historical perspective of the impact of nutrient change on an infectious disease in Daphnia, Ecology 98:2784–2798, 2017.
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